Top 5 Movies with Gulf War Theme

Movies are being watched and loved by almost everyone nowadays. Everyone likes to watch movies of different types, talking about the action and war movies mostly loved by young boys. But are all gulf war movies are worth watching? Want some help that which war movies should be watched which are of top quality and worth watching? Here is little help for all of you. List of some of the top Movies with the theme of gulf War:

Extra! Fake Inspector

You can’t forget and miss something as funny (if war themes can be funny at all!) as the 2017 hit called Fake Driving School. It stands for tricky times of getting the driving license these days. On UK’s soil!


This movie was released in 2005 in America with the War drama of biographical. This film is based on the US marine Anthon. The title of this movie came from the dialect which refers to the United States Marines.

Bravo two zero

This movie was released back into 1999. The story of this movie is based on the real story. This film is about the war and fight and is an amazing movie for all those who loves action movies.

Courage under Fire

This movie was released in the USA back into 1996. This movie is about the lieutenant colonel who destroyed his own tank in a war during the confusion. To see what happens with him next, do watch this movie.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

The story of this movie depicts the funny and heartbreaking story of the young soldier who is just 19 years old with his group. This movie is about their survival during a battle in Iraq and battle is captured by the fixed cameras by news channel due to which they were known and celebrated as the heroes of was released in 2016. You will enjoy watching the story of young soldier.

Three Kings

This movie was released in 1999. This movie is a mixture of war and comedy, which is produced by David O Russell. This movie got hit at the time when it was released in the box office. The grossing of three kings movie was 107 million dollars on a budget of 48 million dollars.

Movies discussed above are the top one’s among Gulf War. If you are fond of watching movies and especially with the theme of gulf war you will for sure love watching these movies. Not only if you are a fan of war movies but also of action movies.
If you are feeling bored and looking for a wonderful movie to spend some great time then these are the movies that are listed above for your convenience. You will surely have the best time watching these movies. All of these movies are full of action and entertainment. These movies are fun filled pack of both action and entertainment. You’ll surely love this collection.

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