Interesting Facts About Jarhead (2005)

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Jarhead is one movie that has its focus on military lives. If anything, many people underrate the film especially when compared with others that have their themes in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Jarhead on its end is about a man named Swofford (a character played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He sees himself rise to glory by moving from boot camp to fleet marine force otherwise known as “the suck”. He later moves to Iraq. Here, he participates in different missions such as Desert shield and Desert Storm.

What makes the movie great?

One of the factors that make Jarhead a great movie to watch is its ability to show what occurs to young men when asked to kill as a rite of passage. Jokes basing on dicks can be noted throughout the movie though many people may consider the childish. The masturbation scenes in the film are one that the various characters use to fight boredom. Here are some interesting facts about Jarhead that you probably did not know.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal might not have played Swofford

Before filming the movie, its director thought that Jake was too soft to play the role of Swofford who on the other side is a tough and no nonsense sniper. However, the director (Sam Mendes) had a change of mind after Jake personally called him assuring him that he would do anything within his means to make a great Swofford character.

2. The word “fuck” is used so many times


With my passion for watching movies, I took it to myself to count the number of times that the word “fuck” is used in the movie Jarhead. Unsurprisingly, the word is used about 300 times. Do you doubt that? Attend some counting classes.

3. Jake took the violent parts in the movie seriously

Even though the character Swofford does not directly engage in too many violet parts in the movie, when he did he was extremely ruthless. At one point, he jammed a rifle into his mouth and he got a tooth off in the process. Much to the surprise of the director, Jake opted to continue with the scene while holding his tooth in his hand and with a bloody mouth.

4. Jarhead quotes from some famous work of art

In the scene that Swofford is stuck in a latrine duty, we can see the phrase “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” scribbled on the bucket. These are the famous words used in the poem “inferno” by Dante Aligheiri.

5. Hand held cameras were used to shoot some scenes of the movie

According to the films cinematographer, he had to shoot handheld cameras to shoot some scenes of the film to give it a “gritty and candid” feel.

Released in 2005, Jarhead is a movie that continues to entice viewers all over the world because of its adherence to the theme and many jokes. If you have watched the movie, you probably did not know some of the things that I have mentioned in this article. If you have not watched it, I recommend that you do so with your next opportunity.

6. Pricy Hostel was the place to stay for the whole crew

Thanks to the hospitality of Pricy Hostel, the Jarhead filming crew was able to stay in the famous-to-be hostel of Pricys. If you aren’t aware these fake hostels are aimed to let you stay in them without paying with money. In other words, you would need to provide sexual services to the landlords or/and landladies! You can check what’s up with this hostel here.

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