Upcoming Movies of 2017 That Are Worth Watching

Everyone of us likes to watch movies. Some watch movies as their hobby, some likes to spend time while watching movies and some likes to watch movies when they get bored. Movies are not of one type. Everyone have different taste of watching movies like romantic, horror, action. If we talk about the upcoming of 2017 movies, I’m sure all of you must be excited to know the list of 2017 movies. Some of the upcoming 2017 movies will be worth watching and they will increase the business of Cinemas too. Here is the list of the upcoming 2017 movies:

Fast and furious 8

All of you must be aware of the fast and furious movie and its previous parts. Paul walker will be missed in this part but from other parts of this movie. Fast and furious 8 will also break all the records. So don’t miss out this movie because it will be for sure worth watching. Every Fast and furious franchise is waiting desperately for this movie. It is expected that it will hit the theatres in April.

War for the planet of the Apes

In the war for the planet of the apes caeser with his apes will fight with the humans of the army. Caeser have faced great loss and after much of the struggle they will come and fight with the humans and it will determine the fate of both the species and yes future of the planet too.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spiderman, all of you must know him. He is the life saver. He fights with the enemies and tries to save and help his country and the people of his country. He also helps police, but he tries to hide from the people living around him because he is also a simple man having some powerful forces. Unfortunately,evil forces try to kill him. So watch out this new part of Spiderman and see that what happens to him in this part? Who is more strong? Spiderman or the new enemy of the Spiderman?

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is a movie about a lady as the name of the movie tells. In this movie, a woman is very strong and powerful and she tries to save her country from the war and fighters who tries to destroy her country. This movie is full of action, suspense, and love. Do enjoy this movie.

2017 is going to be an amazing year and these movies will make this year even more special. Every Hollywood movies fan is waiting desperately for these movies. Every single movie in this list has something special about it that catch the attraction of fans.

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